• Waqas Sajid

National AccessAbility Week!

This past week (May 29th to June 4th) was National AccessAbility Week, where we celebrated the accomplishments and contributions of Canadians with disabilities, and reflect on our goals to make a more inclusive Canada. The theme for this year was "Inclusive from the start", with the idea of designing for accessibility and inclusivity from the get go where no one is left out.

One in five Canadians lives with a disability, yet we are far from an inclusive society. The Accessible Standards Act has a mandate of making a fully accessible and barrier-free Canada by 2040. A key principle of the Accessible Standards Act is "Nothing Without Us", which means that individuals with disabilities should be consulted when it comes to developing laws and policies that directly impact them. Our team at Engineering Health echoes this principle, and we have been diligent to involve individuals with disabilities and their caregivers as key stakeholders of our project to help improve accessibility at Canada's national parks. In our upcoming conference this August, we will be inviting guest speakers from the disability community as well as conference registrants to share their stories and provide real world feedback on barriers and facilitators to National Park accessibility. We hope you can join us this upcoming August 23-25 from 12pm-4pm ET.

Do you have any thoughts to share regarding National Park accessibility? Tell us in the comments!

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