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The Action Trackchair - Freedom, Independence, Mobility

This is a photo of the Action Trackchair STS.
The Action Trackchair STS with built in suspension.

Action Trackchair is a mobility device manufacturer that designs all-terrain wheelchairs for individuals with lower body mobility disabilities. With a variety of models, options, and accessories, a wide range of customization is readily available for each individual and their particular needs. Action Trackchair provides freedom, independence, and mobility. The all-terrain wheelchairs allow users to go hunting or fishing through tough terrain, hike on trails both in the summer and winter, take the dog out for nature walks and participate in outdoor races, just to name a few!


Action Trackchair is not only the company’s name, but also the name of the first device that the company made. The models that Action Trackchair builds are the following:

  1. The Action Trackchair, which is further broken down into three main sub-models:

  2. Adult/Full Size (ST)

  3. Narrow Width (NT)

  4. Build in Suspension (STS)

  5. The Action Trackstander

  6. Adult/Full Size (TR)

  7. Youth/Small Stature (NR)

  8. The Action Trackstander Falcon (FDA Cleared)

  9. The Action Trackchair Eagle (FDA Cleared)


The Action Trackchair and Trackstander have a few unique features that can provide a high level of independence and freedom to their users. For example, the “Tilt on the Fly” seat adjustment allows the user to adjust the tilt angle of the seat depending on the type of terrain they are on, the slope of the ground, the activity they are doing, etc. The Action Trackstander allows the user to go from a seated position to a standing position in a matter of seconds with the push of a button. For example, this can allow users to get on their feet for particular activities such as watering hanging plants and reach higher objects like upper level shelves.

This image shows different features of the Action Trackchair, including the dual armrest swivel and the forward and rear tilt.
Some of the Action Trackchair features.


There are tons of accessories that can be added to any of the all terrain wheelchairs. Some of these accessories include an umbrella holder, utility racks, transfer handles, snow plows, oxygen tank holders, and many more!

Some of the accessories that can be added to the Action Trackchair.


The all terrain wheelchairs come in a variety of colors (more than 20 unique ones!), from patriot blue all the way to customizable splash colors like camo.

These photos show the list of colors the Action Trackchairs are available in.
These photos show the list of colors the Action Trackchairs are available in.
List of color options for the Action Trackchairs,

How to Buy:

Action Trackchair has partnerships in place for many dealers in the US, Canada and internationally, so if you are interested, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. A full list of international dealers can be found here.

Pricing & Funding:

The Action Trackchair models start at about $11,000 USD for the Adult Action Trackchair, and can reach about $24,000 for the FDA approved Action Trackstander Falcon. For a full list of pricing, you can visit their website and click on each model you are interested in.

For US customers, there are many helpful funding options that Action Trackchair recommends. As stated on their website, they have had luck with some private insurance companies in the US covering the full or partial price of the Action Trackchair, while other insurance companies deemed it a recreational device and did not cover it. There are also many other funding options, for example, for individuals using the devices for agricultural purposes or for veterans.

In Ontario, the Assistive Devices Program allows individuals with disabilities to apply for coverage to purchase certain assistive devices. The program covers 75% of mobility aids, so it would be beneficial to speak to a representative and inquire about coverage for the Action Trackchair.

Similar funding programs exist in other parts of Canada too, such as in British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec (to name a few).. Please consult your provincial government website for more details. We will also continue to update our list here.


Have you used an Action Trackchair or are interested in using one? Tell us!

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